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Excavation and Repair

Metro Environmental offers a variety of excavation services, including: hydro-excavation, backhoe and excavator services, hydraulic jack-hammering, and concrete cutting. We also offer the full service capability of pipeline problem location, excavation, and repair.

Metro Environmental routinely repairs sanitary and storm sewer mains, water main leaks, damaged catch basics, pond drainage, weeping tiles, and sump pump lines. Additionally, we excavate and install outdoor cleanouts for easy maintenance and less disrutpion indoors. Installation of outdoor cleanouts will also help to reduce future costs associated with cleaning your pipeline systems.

Our hydro-excavation services are provided for customers that require safe digging. Hydro-excavation is a preferred method for confined areas or near roadways. Unlike traditional exvacation with a shovel or backhoe, hydro-excavation uses water and air to cut away soil, which is then vacuumed to remove the debris, making it safe and surgical. Hydro-excavation also keeps utilities safely identified and protected.

If excavation is not an option to repair broken pipe, such as when a road or freshly landscaped yard is above a damaged pipe, Metro can install a cured-in-place point repair. This is a method by which our equipment is inserted through existing cleanouts or manholes, which is safe and fast, and requires no disruption to the ground. Joints that contain roots, cracked or broken pipe, and water infiltration can all be eliminated by a cured-in-place point repair.

If you would like to have a site-specific evaluation performed, contact us by email on our Contact Us page, or by phone at (248) 960-1111.