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Septic Hauling

Metro Environmental Services is a licensed septage hauler by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Services we provide for septic systems are: routine septic tank cleaning and pumping, septic tank and field inspections, septic tank and drain field electronic location, drain field rejuvenation, as well as, excavation and repair to drainage systems.

Septic systems will continue to perform properly, if maintained properly. How often a septic tank should be pumped depends on how large the tank is, the number of people living in the home, the amount of water used, and the type of waste being put down the drain. A general rule to follow for pumping is 2 years for high volume applications. Septic systems should never exceed 5 years without being pumped and inspected.

If you would like to have a site-specific evaluation performed, contact us by email on our Contact Us page, or by phone at (248) 960-1111.